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25 Million Insurance Claimed Through Fake Marriage & Real Murder

One day after new year, a 21 year old boy is killed in a road accident. Newly wed for just more one month Sarjan Bk from Kohalpur-21 was identified as the deceased. He was killed when a bike he was riding collided with a bus. Seriously injured Bk was taken to Medical college Kohalpur where he succumbed to his injury. The driver absconded after the accident. Later he was arrested and fined Rs 3000 and imprisoned for 30 days as per court order.

After more than 4 months, it has been revealed that Bk’s death was all part of a setup to claim 25 million as insurance. Central Investigation Bureau today revealed 6 involved in grand plan to kill an innocent boy and claim insurance money. Sapana Malla(21yo), Sanjib Aryal(31yo), Sardar Ahmad Kha(32yo), Top Bahadur Chhetri(33yo), Dipak Kc(38yo) and Lalita Sapkota(21yo) are among the arrested.

The grand design unfolded when Reliance Life insurance company complained to CIB about the case being fishy. As per CIB, Sapana Malla married with victim Sarjan Bk to go to Australia in dependent visa. The setup was prepared by Sanjib Aryal and Lalita Sapkota was used as a medium to convey message to Malla. Sapkota convinced Malla to marry Sarjan claiming that he had already received visa of Australia and a simple court marriage will open her gateway to Australia.

The two reached ward office to register their marriage on 28th of Falgun. But as Sarjan hadn’t reached proper age to get married they were returned by office. Few days later on Chaitra 2, office registered their marriage. After registration of marriage the second phase of plan began when lead culprit Aryal, a former employee of MetLife Insurance filed for insurance of Sarjan. A temporary life insurance policy of 12 million was bought at Reliance Life Insurance.

Sardar Ahmad Kha, a friend of Aryal and employee of RLI prepared all the required documents and all insurance process was completed by him. Similarly 2 other policies, term life insurance if 3 million and accident insurance of 2 million were also bought and permanent total disability/ premium waver benefit (ptd/pwb) facilities were also taken for two policies. And most importantly, Sapana Malla, newly wed wife of Sarjan was elected nominee for the policy.

Exactly, one week after marriage and completion of procedures of insurance, Sarjan got into accident and lost his life on Baishak 2. Top Bahadur Rana was the driver of the bus that hit Sarjan’s bike. It has been revealed from investigation that Rana drove back and forth over body of Bk. Police had filed a case then against Rana for murder charges. Rana served 30 days prison and paid 2 thousand fine as well.

After accident, the group claimed for insurance amount and was paid 25 million duly by Reinsurance company in 14 Shrawan to account of Malla. Out of 25 million, Aryal took 8 million, Dipak Kc took 6 million, Malla took 46.8 million and 17.4 million was credited in Malla’s mom account. CIB informed that Malla was arrested from airport while she was preparing to fly to Tokyo.

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