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Almost 47 Thousand Tourists Visited Nepal In June

Almost 47 thousands tourist have visited Nepal in the month of June.

As per the latest report of Nepal Tourism Board, 46957 international tourists have visited Nepal from June 1st to June 30. The statistics only consider tourists coming through airway, so number could be considerably high than given figures. The numbers are low than that of May as 47,893 tourists had visited Nepal last month.

Tourists from SAARC countries have been the greatest boost for tourism industry with 55.4% of total tourist coming from those countries out of which 23,248 tourist from came India alone. Only 2,369 tourist came from Asian countries other than SAARC nation with Chinese tourist being the greatest disappointment. Only 451 chinese tourists visited Nepal in June.

USA remained the second largest source of tourist to Nepal with 8,351 Americans visiting Nepal during this period. With 629 visitors from Canada, total 8,980 tourists visited Nepal from North America. Similarly 4.787 tourists from Europe and 1549 tourists from Oceania visited the nation during the review period.

Compared to that of 2019, the numbers are less than 30% for the month of June but with covid pandemic going around the globe for these 2 years this is a notable increase in number of tourists. This could mean a remarkable recovery for the himalayan nation that is hugely dependent on tourism industry with numbers expected to increase significantly as tourism season looms around.

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