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Ktm Metro To Collect Categorized Waste Only

Kathmandu metro has started to collected waste on the basis of classification only. Metro has published schedule to collect biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.

From now on, biodegradable waste will be collected on Sunday and Wednesday while non-biodegradable waste will be collected on Monday and Friday. According to notice published on Friday, KMC have managed separate vehicles to carry two categories of waste, therefore, public must classify their waste and dispose it on the mentioned day only.

Non adherence to metro’s rule will result in 500 rs fine, KMC has warned. They will be charged under Natural Resources Protection Act, 2077 Section 51(थ) and Garbage Management Act, 2011, Section 38(थ).

KMC has been notifying people to seperate their waste on the basis of degradability since last one month. The frequent obstruction by locals of landfill sites has made waste management a toilsome task for Kathmandu Metro.

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