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Man Jumps Off House After Killing Wife

A man has died while trying to flee after killing his own wife.

Krishna Prasad Acharya (43yo) of Bharatpur-10 Ramailochowk died when he jumped off from 3rd floorof his own home after attacking his wife with Khukuri. Rushma Ghimire(35yo) also died due to attack. Rushma was taken to Old Medical College at Chitwan where she was prounounced dead by doctors at 10:40 pm.

Acharya was taken to Chitwan Medical hospital where he also succumbed to head injury after falling from third floor. Acharya was declared dead at around 11pm. Police informed that the couple was in process of divorce. Acharya had recently returned from foreign employement in Qatar while Ghimire was a teacher at local school.

The death of parents have orphaned a 12 year old daughter. Police said that further investigation is ongoing about the incident.

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