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Tanahun Hydro Construction Continues During Festival

The construction of 140 megawatts Tanahun hydropower project at Rishing Rural Municipality-1 of Tanahun district has continued even during public holidays of Dashain festival.

Construction works will halt only on Dashami, the main day of the festival, said the project chief Raj Bhai Silpakar. “Construction works have been accelerated to complete the project in time,” he said.

At present, Chinese workers and some other Nepali workers are at work, while other Nepali workers are on leave for the festival, he said. Under the first package, construction of a diversion tunnel is underway. Song Da-Kalika JV has been contracted for the package. Under the second package, construction of a power plant is also over.

Under the second package, Sino Hydropower Limited won the contract to construct a tunnel, power plant, and supply hydro mechanical and electromechanical equipment, their installation and operation, he said. The company completed the digging of a tunnel to construct a power plant. The tunnel is 89 meters long, 22 meters wide and 51 meters high.

Construction of a tunnel to supply water is underway. Out of 1,450 meters long tunnel, digging 350 meters has been over. Similarly, under the third package, construction of 25 towers for a transmission line has been over.
Laying 48 foundations for the project is over. The USD 500.5 million project aims its completion within the Nepali month of Asar, 2083 BS.

Of the total costs for the project, the Asian Development Bank will bear USD 150 million, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) USD 184 million, the European Investment Bank USD 85 million and the Nepal Electricity Authority under the Government of Nepal USD 86 million.

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