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Woman Dies Of Dengue In Sankhuwasabha

A woman has died due to dengue in Sankhuwasabha district of eastern Nepal.

Sita Devi Neupane, 56yo died on Thursday while getting treatment at District Hospital Sankhuwasabha. High fever and pneumonia was also seen in her. She was referred to district hospital from primary heath centre at Chainpur. Other 17 Dengue cases are confirm during the month of Asar only.

Dengue and Malaria are mosquito-borne diseases often seen during rainy season in Nepal. Dengue mosquitoes reproduce in clean water and heavy rain means they are provided suitable habitat anywhere water gets stored. Dengue has a severe flu like system and doesnt have any cure as well which makes it very fatal.

Fever is the most common symptom of dengue along with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, muscle pain and aches behind eye, rashes. Usually these symptoms goes away within a week however, if these symptoms get severe, patients must be taken to hospitals.

Protection against mosquito bite is the only and most effective method of prevention against dengue. Wearing full clothes during evening times and using mosquito nets while sleeping can stop mosquitoes from biting us. Similarly other preventive measures to stop mosquito reproduction can be taken as well.

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