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Garbage Carrying Tippers Vandalised In Sisdol-Bancharedada

Unknown group has vandalised 14 tippers carrying garbage of Kathmandu.

The vehicles were vandalised at Aaletar of Sisdol-Bancharedada road. 14 tippers, 2 dozer and 1 escavator have been vandalised by unknown people, police informed. The tippers carrying garbage had reached landfill site on Monday. Public had obstructed them from dumping the garbage yesterday but at midnight the vechiles were damaged. Few tippers were able to unload the garbage with the help of police.

The remaining vehicles that were parked with garbage due to public obstruction were smashed by unknown group. Dozer and escavator were kept to pull the tippers and maintain the deteriorated road. The protesting group claimed that they had only heard of the vandalisation of vehicles but didn’t know who did it. They added that the group will protest peacefully from Bhadra 1 to stop dumping garbage in Bancharedada.

Kathmandu Mayor Balendra Shah condemned the act and exclaimed vandalisation of garbage carrying vehicles as severe crime. He also expressed that the metro is clear that those who are involved in the act will be punished under legal provisions.

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