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Shuklagandaki Municipality Puts Up ‘Transparent Wall

Shuklagandaki Municipality in Tanahu district has installed what is called the ‘transparent wall’ with the goal of maintaining good governance.

The transparent wall was put up on Sunday on the occasion of 100 days of new municipal executive taking up office after local election. Mayor Krishna Raj Pandit said the objective of installing the transparent wall, a notice board informing about all the activities of the municipality, was to promote good governance and transparency.

“The townspeople should know about the municipality’s each and every activity. The transparent wall has been put up for providing this information to the people. We are the servants of the people and they should get information on every activity done by their elected representatives,” Mayor Pandit said, adding that every activity of the local government, including its policies and plans, should be transparent.

Deputy Mayor Khum Bahadur BK said the ‘transparent wall’ initiative has been launched to put to an end the tradition of giving out information only in response to an application for the same. Municipality’s chief administrative officer Lila Ballabh Neupane believes that the ‘transparent wall’ would be important means of providing information to the citizens.

Daily notices, programmes, details of monthly income and expenditure, decisions of meetings, audit report, the decisions of Municipal Assembly and Executive, and miscellaneous notices and messages would be put up on the ‘transparent wall’.

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