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Chhath Concludes With Offering ‘Argha’ To Sun God

Chhath, a popular festival of faith of folks in Mithila region concluded this morning by offering curd (Argha) to the rising Sun.

The devotees who observed fasting since Tuesday evening concluded the Chhath festival this year by offering prayers to the rising Sun this morning. As informed, the Sun shone at around 6.14 am in Mithila region this morning. The timing of the sunshine is determined as per the Mithila Panchanga and Bidyapati Panchanga in Mithila.

Just prior to the sunshine, the devotees were chanting songs awaiting the rise of the Sun soon by taking holy dips three times. Devotees also ended their 36-hour-long perennial fasting after offering worships to the Sun God on Monday morning.

With this, the devotees returned home from the river banks (Chhati Ghat) by concluding the grand festival where the shining and setting suns are worshipped with devotion. Chhath is a festival of goodwill, faith, social harmony as people from all backgrounds come together in a common place to offer worships to the Sun God.

It is widely believed that appeasing the Sun God brings happiness, prosperity, well-being and longevity of the family members.

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