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EC Arranges Ballot Paper For FPTP And PR Elections

Election Commission (EC) has arranged a ballot paper with red election symbol on white background for the first-past-the-post (FPTP) election system to choose the House of Representatives and Province Assembly members in the upcoming elections.

Likewise, the EC has arranged a ballot paper with white background and election symbol on black colour for proportional representation (PR) election system to choose the HoR and province assembly members. Under FPTP, there will be a ballot paper having election symbols of candidates or political parties who are in election race in each electoral constituency.

Likewise, there would be a ballot paper with 47 election symbols for HoR under PR election system. According to EC, only 47 parties out of 68 applicants are eligible to participate in HoR elections under PR election system.

As informed, there would be varying numbers of election symbols in ballot papers as per province under PR election system towards the province assembly election.

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