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Guru Purnima And Bhanu Jayanti Being Celebrated Today

Guru Purnima and Bhanu Jayanti is being celebrated today throughout the nation.

Guru Purnima that falls on full moon day of Asar month is being celebrated today with students paying reverence to their teachers. Various programs are being organized at schools, educational institites and training institutes today. This day is dedicated to every teachers who help to bring a better person out of a individual.

A popular Sanskrit verse ” Gururbramha Gururbishnu Gururdevo Maheswora: ।, Guru: Sakshat Para Bramha Tasmai Shree Gurawe Nama : । ।” portrays the importance of teachers in person’s life. The verse translates as, “Teacher are equivalent to Brahma, Bishnu, Maheshwor : the trinity god of Hindu and teacher are personification of Param Bramha, the ultimate god.”

Vyas Jayanti is also celebrated today as Ved Vyas, the compiler of 4 Vedas as well as author of 18 purans and 18 subpurans, was born on this day. Vyas is also regarded as author of Mahabharat and Bramhasutras. He is also one of the seven chiranjibis, the immortals and partial incarnation of lord Bishnu.

Similarly, Bhanu Jayani is also celebrated today. Today is the 209th birth anniversary of Aadikabi Bhanubhakta Acharya. He was born in 1871 B.S Asar 29 in Chudiramgha village of Tanahu district. Acharya is widely reknowned for his translation of Ramayan to Nepali from Sanskrit making it easy for Nepali readers.

His literary works like “BadhuSikhsya”, “Prashnottar”, “Bhaktamala”, “Ramgita” and many other poems have helped Nepali literature to gain greater height. Special literary programs are being organized throughout Nepal and Sikkim of India as well in memorial of Aadikabi Bhanubhakta Acharya.

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