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Harisayani Ekadasi Today, Holy Basil Being Planted

People are planting holy basil(Tulasi) on the ocassion of Harisayani Ekadasi today.

This day is regarded as a day of great importance by Hindu community as this is the day lord Bishnu goes for a sleep underground for 4 months in ocean of milk, popularly known as Mansarobar, nearby Kailash. Holy basil(Ocimum sanctum) is regarded as the manifestation of Lord Bishnu in Hindu mythology and thus worshipped after planting it today.

Basil is not only important from religious perspective but from medical perspective as well. Basil is rich in vitamin A,C and K and is regarded as medicinal herb in Ayurveda. It’s usage against arthritis is regarded very effective. Similary air arround around basil plant is assumed to be pure with the plant releasing more oxygen. Ayurveda has mentioned that taking basil leaves help to strengthen our immunity system as well.

In hindu culture, Ekadasi is the eleventh day after new moon and comes once every fortnight. After four months another ekadasi is celebrated as Haribodhani ekadasi when lord Bishnu awakens from his sleep. People take fasting on every ekadasi within this period and pray special worship as well in this Chaturmas(period of 4 months).

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