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Inflation More Than Doubles In A Year

Consumer price inflation has more than doubled in one year period.

In the Current Macroeconomic and Financial Situation of Nepal for last 11 months published by NRB today, consumer price inflation stood at 8.56%. Consumer price inflation was only 4.19% last year. Food and beverage inflation stood at 7.43% while non-food and service inflation stood at 9.44% during these 11 months.

Ghee and Oil prices increased the most among food and beverages with an increase of 22.60%. Milk products and egg price increased by 11.22%, pulses and legumes by 9.13% and alchoholic drinks price rose by 9.68% compared to that of last year.

Under non-food and services category, the prices of transportation rocketed by fuel prices increased the most. Transporation got 25.79% costlier that last year. Similarly education service became the second most inflated inflated category with 11.64% increase.

Wholesale price inflation also rose to 14.77% compared to that of 9% one year ago.

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