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Milk Demand Peaks To 5 Million Litres Today

In the occasion of Shrawan 15, milk demand has peaked to 5 million litres throughout the nation today.

According to Nepal Dairy Association, dairy suppliers barely meet today’s demand of milk. There is already deficit in production and demand of milk in Nepal. The reason behind sudden hike in milk demand is due to Nepalese tradition of eating rice pudding today. Shrawan 15 is celebrated as “khir khani din” in Nepali culture.

Association chairperson Pralhad Dahal informed that almost all dairy’s of country stopped production of other sub products of milk simply to fulfill today’s demand. Association had even conducted pudding feeding program in all seven provinces with a slogan, “Khir Khau, Aafno Parampara Jogau”.

Pudding is taken as healthy and immune boosting food. It is prepared by mixing rice and milking and adding sugar, ghee and dry fruits. As paddy plantation almost completes by Shrawan 15, this day is also celebrated for that cause. Pudding is popular particularly at this time of year as hindu followers do not consume meat items throughout the month of Shrawan. Therefore it is regarded as sacred as well as supplementary food.

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