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Party Registration Open For Upcoming Election

Election Commission has issued a notice calling upon political parties wishing to contest the elections of House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly for registration.

The Commission has notified the political parties registered with the Commission until August 4, 2022 to register themselves for the purpose of the election. The deadline for the party registration is until coming August 16. When submitting an application for party registration, details about the party, the number of officers and members of the party’s central executive committee, province and district committees, and the date the party submitted its annual audit report to the commission must be disclosed.

Similarly, date of the last election of party’s central level and province level executive committee, whether the political party’s organizational form is at central level or province level or not should be disclosed. According to the Political Party Act, when two or more parties apply for party registration for the purpose of taking a single election symbol and participating in election, application should be made in accordance with political party regulations, Commission has said today.

The application should include a copy of decision of Central Committee to register the party for election purposes, party’s statute, regulations and manifesto, annual audit report of the financial year 2021/22, and other necessary documents, and it has to be submitted with signature of the major office-bearers of the party.

General Elections are going to be held on November 20.

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