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Rs 10 billion Estimated As Upcoming Election Cost

The EC has estimated Rs 10 billion as the election cost in view of the November 20 elections and has sent the estimation to the Ministry of Finance for an approval.

EC has already endorsed the Human Resources Management Guidelines, 2079 BS and estimated that around 200 thousands workforce is needed to conduct the elections. According to Spokesperson Poudel, 57 sorts of election materials shall be used in the elections and of them, 42 types of logistics will be purchased by the EC and remaining 15 kinds shall be managed from the district-level.

The election-related affairs are to be carried out in line with the election education and voter education-related approach paper, 2079 BS, voters’ education policy, 2078 BS, election training guidelines, 2078 BS. In addition to this, it prepares to amend the Election Code of Conduct, 2078 BS while it will be sitting for political consultations soon in view of the election preparations.

It is said political parties will be made to sign the election code of the conduct.

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