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Heart Operation Service Halts In Gangalal

Lack of oxygenator has halted critical heart operation service in Gangalal hospital.

Hospital administration has informed that the operation has halted due to global shortage of oxygenator machine which is essential for open heart surgery. Due to this more than 40 patients were compelled to return home without treatment. There is shortage of oxygenator in entire country and India as well, hospital source claimed.

Oxygenator machine removes carbon dioxide and adds oxygen to the blood during open heart surgery. Blood is directed to the machine through drainage tubes where carbon dioxide is removed and oxygen is added which is then returned back to arterial system of body during operation.

The machine is use and throw type as single unit can be used for single operation only. The cost of machine is around 50 thousand rupees. Hospital has also informed that it has around 150 stock of oxygenator for children but there is scarcity of machine needed for adults.

Meanwhile patients have accused hospital administration for their negligence. They have complained that the administration has showed disinterest to purchase machine due to lack of commission. Gangalal perfomed almost 200 heart operation in the month of Asadh alone.

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