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Melamchi Gets 15-Bed Hospital

After upgrading primary health centre to a facilated 15 bed hospital, the obligation to take pregnant women to Dhulikhel, Kathmandu for delivery and other critical condition has ended for people of Melamchi.

The Melamchi Municipality has upgraded the primary health centre, which used to provide general health treatment services, to a 15-bed municipal hospital. Chief Administrative Officer of Melamchi Municipality Amrit Kumar Dhital informed that the obligation to go elsewhere for free maternity services including surgery, trauma centre, pharmacy, dental service, eye treatment service, oxygen production plant and other services is removed.

Dev Magar of Indravati village, Melamchi, is happy to have his wife receiving safe and free maternity services including surgery. In the past, when both the mother and the baby were at risk due to abnormal pregnancy, they had to be taken to Dhulikhel or Kathmandu for safe delivery. It was difficult for the locals in remote areas to afford the expensive hospital treatment in the city. Anjali Magar of Indravati village says that the pregnant women have been relieved after receiving complex maternity services at their place with the involvement of a specialist doctor.

With the expansion of various services and the introduction of free maternity services including complex surgeries, the pressure to get safe maternity services in hospitals has increased. Therefore, there is a lack of manpower, physical infrastructure, financial administration and other areas for quality services, said Dr Damodar Poudel, Chief of Melamchi Municipal Hospital.

Melamchi Municipality is the main centre of Panchpokhari, Helambu and Indravati villages has made it easier for the citizens of remote areas of Melamchi and other municipalities to get health services after the operation of the hospital and necessary services of surgeons and specialists.

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